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PostHeaderIcon Path of Sin: Greed Collector’s Edition

Path of Sin: Greed Collector's EditionYou and your new partner are sent on your first case. Set on a remote private island, things are not what they seem to be, and there will be many twists and turns until the dangerous mystery is revealed.

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PostHeaderIcon Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Oval Portrait Collector’s Edition

Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Oval Portrait Collector's EditionBig Fish Editor’s Choice! This title was selected for its exceptional quality and overwhelmingly positive reviews from our Game Club beta testers.
Amax Interactive is proud to bring you another installment in the beloved Dark Tales series!

Dupin is back and better than ever! Your next case with the dashing detective is set in motion after a series of strange disappearances. Each of the victims had recently posed for a famous painter, and each woman received a threatening note afterward. Surely, the painter is to blame… or is he? Nothing is as it seems in this chilling tale of death, obsession, and the supernatural based on a short story by the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. Follow the clues to find the answers in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
See what our Beta testers had to say:
“Great visual and sound! As always, with this series, great story line. Plenty of action and surprises at every turn. Loved it!” – Karen, Beta Tester
“I love the Edgar Allen Poe series! I don’t know how you keep coming up with new ideas and themes. This is one of the best! The HOPs were interesting, the mini games were clever and unique. Love this series!” – Claudia, Beta Tester

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